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these settings let you choose the way MailCleaner can add email addresses or aliases to the user account. There are basically two type of them. Those which can retrieve the information from a database or directory, and those which can only “build” an address from the username. Remember that users can still add or remove these address from within their interface.

add domain

this one will build the address from the username. Appending the domain as if the username was the local part of the address.

ldap lookup

this one will retrieve different addresses and aliases belonging to the user from the LDAP/Active Directory configured in the connector section.

textfile lookup

this one will retrieve the address from a text file present on the MailCleaner server. The file should be present in /var/mailcleaner/spool/mailcleaner/addresses/domainname and containg one username and address pair per line, separated by a coma.

add a parameter

this one will act just as the “add domain”, but will replace the domain with an arbitrary string. This fectcher is not yet fully functionnal.

sql lookup

this one will fetch the addresses from the database configured in the connector.


this one will retrieve addresses and aliases informations from the internal MailCleaner database.