We would love everybody to be able to use MailCleaner in a language that they understand.

You can help to make this happen! If you can translate MailCleaner interfaces into a language we do not yet support, or if you would like to improve an existing translation, we’d love it.

We have open a Weblate project to help our community to translate our user interface and help pages.

MailCleaner Weblate project

MailCleaner is currently available in these languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Portuguese (Timor-Leste)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

MailCleaner is currently being translated in many languages, such as:

And you can also add a new one if you would translate MailCleaner in your own language !