You can now add professional lists and features to your MailCleaner Community Edition.

MailCleaner Community Edition support now professional RBLs and features of the Enterprise Edition. With these add-ons you can significantly increase your filtering quality.

You will receive full access to the corresponding feature (RBL, Virus detection,…) without the need to subscribe to general support, outside of the scope of the implementation of this feature. Remember, if you need assistance with Community Edition, you can get it through the Community forum.

Community add-ons available:


In order to install these features, you will need to contract MailCleaner regarding the options of your choice. You also need to be using latest patch level and to have registered your Community Edition appliance. The option to allow the reporting of anonymous statistics to us must be activated, and the necessary ports must be open on your firewall.

To calculate the price of each add-ons for your MailCleaner Community Edition and order each option click here :

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