Compare Community and Commercial Edition

Community Edition
Updates: manual
Spam rules: basic
Virus rules: free clamAV
Newsletter classification: rules
RBLs: public
UriBLs: public
Bayesian: empty
Managed configuration: NO
Options: NO
Support: forum
Enterprise Edition Virtual Appliance
Pricing per user / year
Updates: automatic every 15 min.
Spam rules: Pro
Virus rules: Pro + options
Newsletter classification: Pro (rules + IP list)
RBLs: Pro
UriBLs: Pro
Bayesian: automatic update
Managed configuration: yes optional
Options: (Kaspersky, Spamhaus, SURBL, Message Sniffer,...)
Support: ticket, phone, remote

Note : The filtering quality can be really different between the 2 versions. The Community Edition does not use professional RBLs, rules, databases and lists. The detection rate can not be compared out of the box. To test the product or use it just to eliminate a large proportion of spam, and if you don’t need any support or automatic updates of the product and rules, the Community Edition is a good solution.