MailCleaner is a full and free server-side email filtering solution. It can be installed on almost any virtualization system and act as an SMTP gateway.

MailCleaner must be installed between internet and your final mail server, either by becoming the new MX record for your domains or by getting mail from your frontend gateways. Once filtered, the messages will be forwarded to your destination mail server or next gateway.

You don’t need to configure all mailboxes, MailCleaner will filter automatically all valid messages for you, once you setup a domain.

MailCleaner is built on popular and very efficient free software:

  • OS: Debian
  • MTA: Exim
  • Filtering: MailScanner
  • Anti-Spam: SpamAssassin
  • Anti-Virus: ClamAV
  • Web GUI: Apache/PHP/mysql

The value of MailCleaner is that the usage of these tools is almost transparent for the users and administrators as configuration and settings are done through a unified and intuitive web-interface.

Users can consult their quarantine in real time, and set their own preferences, address by address. The web interface ensures compatible and customizable access to all aspects of the system, both avoiding intrusion on user’s habits and allowing the administrators to focus on other interesting tasks.

MailCleaner is fully compatible with Active Directory, LDAP, Zimbra, Domino and Exchange. You can also use it with Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail – G Suite.

For more information about our company or products, you can visit our commercial website We also offer a anti-spam cloud version.

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