Last Version

2019 Fourth quarter
– Update to version 2019.10.02
2019 Third quarter
– Improvements in LDAP code
– MIB for SNMP has been improved
– scripts releasing messages has been improved
– New detection of languages
– Improved SpamC rules
– database handlers were not correctly closed
2019 Second quarter
– Staightened rules about DKIM
– Improved greylist statistics reports
– Improved languages detection in Newsletter
– Improved SpamC rules
2019 First quarter
– SPF checks and rules improvements
– Minor bugs and security fixes
– Increase remote configuration backup time
– Swedish and Turkish languages added (user interface)
– Filetype filtering management improved
– NTP support improved
– Communication and security between master and slaves improved for clustering
– API improvements
2018 Fourth quarter
– New rules for phishing, malware and specific malicious content
– Security fixes
– New URIBL list added (SISA)
– Anti spoofing rules improved
– New Auto Bad URI specific for online payments
– IPV6 support improved
– New RBLs for phishing added
Spamhaus and SURBL option support (for Enterprise Edition)
2018 Third quarter
2018.08 JESSIE
– New VM package compatibility and stability
– New languages: Chinese (Simplified), Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal) for the user interface
– Dynamic language integration
– New interface to manage newsletters
– Extend newsletter whitelist to check both envelop and body sender
– Update DNS root databases
Kaspersky option support (For Enterprise Edition)
– New useful scripts for managing lists and batch release
– Fix initial database synchronisation bug
– Fixes in the REST API
– Adjusting MailCleaner internal rules (SpamC, newsletter, etc.)
2018 Second quarter
2018.06 JESSIE
– Wizard installer rebuilded
– DB sync problems corrected
– Automatic update script for next updates
– Bayesian databases downloads improvement
– Email adresses matching improvement
– Improving the first startup of the VA
– Typos removed
– IPv6 bug in exim configuration fixe
– Fixes in the REST API
– Allows the addition of entries to sudoers
– Implemented the anti-breakdown system
2018 First quarter
2018.02 JESSIE
– ‎New VM package compatibility and stability
– Kernel update following Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities discovery
– Automatic update after first network interface initialization
– Automatic update before installation improved
2017 Fourth quarter
2017.09 JESSIE
– ‎SMTP banner corrected to reflect Community Edition by default
– Bug fix for firewall restart status
– Added support for languages: Albanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Hindi, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Swedish.
– Removed warnings about “Purging environment” in Exim
– Improve and debug of wizard installer
2017 Third quarter
2017.09 JESSIE
– Configuration / backup network interface (
– ‎Possibility to change MailCLeaner’s host ID
– Automatic update of MailCleaner code (rolling updates)
– ‎ClamAV and ClamSpam now include cld, cvd and compressed files in their accepted signature db files
– ‎Auto-configuration feature added (Enterprise Edition only): daily auto download and apply of our maintained reference configuration.
– ‎Possibility to whitelist ClamSpam rules
– Minors bug fixes and UI improvements
2017.09 JESSIE
General improvments
– Merging for Community Edition and Enterprise Edition
– Better spoofing protection
– MailCleaner “Configurator Wizard” added
– Apache updated to version 2.4.25 (64bits) and Php to version 5.6.29
– ‎New Apache configuration with updated Cyphers
– Exim updated to version 4.88 #2
– Perl updated to version 5.20.2 (correction of a lot of bugs in Custom modules, MailScanner and SpamAssassin parsing)
– Security issues have been fixed
– MailCleaner custom kernel has been replaced by the Debian default kernel
– Real time filtering switches for .js/.jse , .docm/.dotm , .wsf : in archives or not
– Update system moved to git
– Public released code on GitHub
– New registration page for Enterprise or Community (optionnal)
– New graphical theme
– Tooltips for feature descriptions (admin interface)
– Two new languages: Italian and Dutch (user interface)

Older versions

  • 8st Dec 2014
    version 2014.10
    001- (improvement, os) – new features
  • 21st June 2012
    version 2012.6
    001- (improvement, os) – added installation support on virtualized environments
  • 12th May 2012
    version 2012.5
    001- (upgrade, os) – Upgrade to Debian 6.0 Squeeze
  • 9tn November 2011
    version 2011.9
    001-(improvement, admin gui) – improved status display of hosts with automatic reloading
    002- (improvement, admin gui) – added all SMTP level statistics (rejection, relaying, etc…)
    003- (improvement, admin gui) – added system hardware statistics (i/o, network, etc…)
    004- (feature, user gui) – added digest summary mode
    005- (improvement, admin gui) – added system mail sender address (for summaries, can now be different than support address)
    006- (feature, SMTP relaying) – added full DKIM signing/verifying
    007- (feature, SMTP relaying) – added full BATV signing/verifying
    008- (feature, SMTP) – added option for rejecting bad SPF at SMTP level
    009- (feature, filtering) – added option for rejecting messages from the same domain (anti-spoofing, per domain)
    010- (feature, filtering) – added option for rejecting incoming/relaying unencrypted session (per domain)
    011- (improvement, admin gui) – added new domain configuration panel for outgoing relay options
    012- (improvement, SMTP relaying) – added option to prevent relaying messages from unknown domain
    013- (improvement, admin gui) – added better SSL/TLS certificate handling in web gui (immediate check of validity)
    014- (feature, filtering) – added SPF dnslist in TrustedSources module
    015- (feature, monitoring) – added new MailCleaner official SNMP MIB, downloadable in https://yourmailcleaner/admin/downloads/MAILCLEANER-MIB.txt
    016- (feature, admin) Added option for domain managers to be able to manage/create subdomains
    017- (feature,admin) Added information on tracing panel
    018- (feature, admin) Added downloadable log extracts from tracing panel
  • 23rd April 2010
    version 2010 beta3
    001- added spool viewing and managing
    002- added log search functionalities
    003- added Spanish language for user interface
    004- added basic clustering support
    005- added whitelist support in TrustedSources module
    006- upgrade to SpamAssassin 3.3.1
    007- improved user list fetch with exhaustive connectors
    008- removed obsolete domain keys support
    008- usage of obsolete SMTPS port now correctly open firewall
    009- improved software raid handling
    010- improved user list fetch with exhaustive connectors
    011- SMTP rate limiting fields format fixed
    012- fixed slaves display order in status panel
    013- fixed ldap callout server field format
    013- fixed default snmp port
  • 22th January 2009
    patch (2009012201)
    001- (feature, gui) – graphic statistics in user interface
    002- (improvments, system) – added new preference daemon for better performance and reliability
    003- (feature, system) – added trusted ips option in antispam configuration
    004- (improvments, engine) – added auto detection of best number of engine processes
    005- (improvments, system) – now use sender for callout verification instead of null sender
    006- (upgrade, engine) – upgraded ClamAV to 0.94.2
    007- (upgrade, system) – upgraded Apache (2.2.4) and PHP (5.1.2)
    008- (upgrade, engine) – upgraded SpamAssassin to 3.2.5
    009- (bugfix, gui) – fixed white/warn list pagination
    010- (feature, system) – added html summaries support
    011- (feature, admingui) – added TNEF usage option
    012- (bugfix, admingui) – fixed soap errors and timeouts
    013- (improvments, gui) – added check for NT domain in add domain address fetcher
  • 28th January 2007
    patch (2006012801)
    001- (feature, gui) – white and warn list support
    002- (feature, system) – TLS encryption support for MTA’s
    003- (feature, system) – preliminary support for syslog logging
    004- (bugfix, system) – lot of minor bugfixes
    005- (feature, engine) – ocr plugin
    006- (upgrade, system) – upgrade of MTA’s and libraries
    007- (upgrade, engine) – upgraded MailScaner
    008- (improvments, updates) – patch system improvement
    009- (feature, admingui) – added custom SMTP banner option
  • 17th November 2006
    patch (2006111701)
    001- (improvement, engine) – added FuzzyOCR plugin
    002- (upgrade, engine) – upgraded SA to 3.1.7
    003- (improvement, system) – improved stop/start, added restart
    004- (improvement, system) – improved Exim’s domains handling, no more mysql queries, using dumped files
    005- (improvement, engine) – now using ClamAV module instead of command line
    006- (bugfix,engine) – plugins path is no more hardcoded
    007- (bugfix, system) – fixed exim headers
    008- (bugfix, system) – fixed rights on /var/mail
    009- (bugfix, system) – fixed root redirection for root user in /etc/aliases
    010- (bugfix, admingui) – fixed bug when removing domain
    011- (bugfix, usergui) – fixed translation bug for quarantine purge
    012- (bugfix, engine) – fixed domain dump for * domain
    013- (feature, engine) – added greylisting, added snmpd and scheduler monitoring
    014- (feature, smtp) – added max received hops setting
    015- (bugfix, engin) – corrected clamav databases path
    016- (improvement, engine) – statistics are dynamically computed and stored in files instead of DB
    017- (update, system) – updates php to 5.2.0
    018- (bugfix, system) – adapted php extension path
    019- (bugfix, system) – fixed bad creation of the greylistd config files
  • 2nd October 2006
    patch (2006100201)
    001- (feature,templates) – can now add header fields in summary templates (e.g. Content-Type: text/html)
    002- (bugfix, webgui) – corrected ssl support for SimpleServer (imap, pop3)
    003- (bugfix, install) – removes custom openssl build from librairies. Now using Debian’s.
    004- (bugfix, admingui) – corrected time setting error when ntp server is not present
    005- (improvement, admingui) – added Net::SNMP perl module
    006- (bugfix, admingui) – corrected firewall rule
    007- (bugfix, admingui) – added backgound image to the top dynamic stats frame
    008- (bugfix, admingui) – corrected content protection activation/desactivation
    009- (improvement, admingui) – replaced mrtg graphics to rrdtools
    010- (bugfix,filtering) – changed default tnef decoder to internal to avoid loops in MailScanner
  • 4th September 2006
    patch (2006090401)
    001- (bugfix,admingui) – corrected load in Content when correct slave is found
    002- (bugfix) – corrected removal of From: field when tag mode is desired
  • 1st September 2006
    cd release (2006090101)
    Sourceforge project opening ! Welcome to you. Please use and test MailCleaner, hope you will enjoy !